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The University of Georgia Student Chapter of the Georgia Society of Health-System Pharmacists serves as a forum to provide students with information on careers in hospital pharmacy and other organized health care delivery systems. Speakers from area hospitals discuss subjects related to institutional pharmaceutical care and offer insight into specific areas of hospital pharmacy practice. Often, speakers on health system pharmacy address the entire student body at the College of Pharmacy.

The UGA chapter of GSHP is recognized as an official ASHP Student Society of Health-System Pharmacy (SSHP). Criteria for recognition include student chapter activities that:

  • Promote membership in local, state, and national health-system organizations

  • Stimulate interest in health-system pharmacy careers

  • Encourage career development and professionalism among students aspiring to careers in health-system pharmacy

Our chapter hopes to expose students to topics including residency training, clinical pharmacy experience, and hospital pharmacy practice. We hope to continue to provide an outlet to inform students about the benefits of careers in health-system pharmacy and prepare them for future roles as institutional practitioners.

Membership Highlights

Membership can start at any time during the school year. Members receive the complete range of membership services and publications available through the Georgia Society of Health-System Pharmacists and can attend meetings of the GSHP at reduced registration costs. Most members have prior experience in health system pharmacy, but membership is open to all students of the College of Pharmacy.

Follow these simple steps to join as a NEW member:

  1. If you’re joining for the FIRST time, go to

  2. Click on the student option ($20) and follow the prompts asking for your information

  3. Send an email with the receipt of your STATE dues to our Treasurer, Savannah Eason (

  4. Pay your LOCAL ($20) dues to the UGA Chapter.

Follow these simple steps to RENEW your membership:

  1. Go to

  2. Log in using your Email and Password and follow the prompts

  3. Send an email with the receipt of your STATE dues to our Treasurer, Savannah Eason (

  4. Pay your LOCAL ($20) dues to the UGA Chapter.


2015-2016 2016-2017 2017-2018 2018-2019
President: Tavishee Pathak President: Justin Moore President: Brian Croft President: Aasna Patel
Vice President: Sarah Clements Vice President: Priscila Shibu Vice President: Darshan Patel Vice President: Catherine Rothery
Treasurer: Andrew Karas Treasurer: Brian Croft Treasurer: Nathan Allen Treasurer: Savannah Eason
Secretary: Jennifer Hafling Secretary: Seth Garner Secretary: Catherine Rothery Secretary: Sydney Finder
Education Chair: Priscila Shibu Education Chair: Michelle Vu Education Chair: Caitlin Casper Education Chair: Ansley Gayle
Social Chair: Justin Moore Social Chair: Darshan Patel Social Chair: Aasna PatelSocial Chair: Alfred Awuah Social Chair: Alfred Awuah
Fundraising Chairs: Cayla Sinnemon and Hallie Dankewich Fundraising Chairs: Kathryn Tacy and Brooke Gallman Fundraising Chairs: Ansley Gayle and Tim Jones Fundraising Chairs: Justine Petway and Tori Hunt

Chapter Events

Each fall, we hold a residency dinner featuring program directors and residents throughout Georgia who come to speak to our students about their residency program offerings and what makes each one unique. This event affords students the chance to learn exactly what a residency is and if it is the right career path for them.

In the spring, GSHP holds an annual curriculum vitae workshop, where students are presented with what information should be included in a CV and given individualized document review with a UGA faculty member or resident. The workshop has enabled many students to feel better equipped as potential residency candidates, as they prepare for the application process.

In addition, we hold meetings throughout the year with invited speakers who discuss topics relevant to health-system pharmacy practice. The UGA Chapter is also involved in a cardiac rehabilitation program through St. Mary's Hospital where student pharmacists have the opportunity to educate cardiac patients on the use of over the counter medications and helping improve patient adherence to their therapies.

Student pharmacists also have the opportunity to participate in monthly journal clubs to practice presenting on scientific literature to their peers and faculty. Student members have the opportunity to attend the 2017 Summer Meeting at Amelia Island. Students have access to continuing education programs, a large exhibit program, reverse expo, and student programming including details on residency during a resident panel.

There are also annual Fall and Spring Meetings in Brasstown Bald and Savannah where students have the opportunity for similar programming as the larger summer meeting at Amelia Island.


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