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Call for Poster Presenters at the GSHP Spring Meeting 2018

 Call for Posters — GSHP Spring Meeting-Sign up NOW!


This is your opportunity to share your results with pharmacy colleagues from around Georgia at the GSHP Spring Meeting Poster Session in Savannah on Saturday, March 24, 2018. Posters highlighting innovative services, evaluations and pharmacy practice model change initiatives are especially encouraged. Encore presentations from national meetings (ASHP, ACCP, etc.) are accepted.  Presenting a peer-reviewed poster is an ideal professional development activity for preceptors, both seasoned and new practitioners, residents and students. The primary (first) poster presenter must be a GSHP member and results must be included on abstract to be accepted.  Research-in-progress abstracts with background and methods only will not be accepted for the poster awards but can present.  Pharmacy students and residents are especially encouraged to participate.   Students and residents presenting posters will receive free meeting registration if they are the primary (first author) on the poster.  Please let us know if you are able to attend the entire program or Saturday only).


The GSHP Education Committee will be evaluating ALL posters submitted for recognition and designation as “Outstanding GSHP Poster”.   There will be three categories recognized: 1) Best Pharmacy Student Poster; 2) Best Pharmacy Resident Poster; 3) Best Pharmacy Practitioner Poster based on the credentials of the primary (first) author.  The scoring rubric by which the posters will be judged will be available on the GSHP website.    


The deadline for submission of abstracts is at 12:00 Noon on March 1st.


To submit your poster abstract, or for questions, contact Marjorie Phillips, GSHP Poster Session Coordinator at:


Each abstract email submission must be entered on the abstract form (attached) and contain the following:

1)    Brief descriptive title (use title case)

2)    Author information. Include full name, professional credentials and institutional affiliation (i.e., health care organization or college name) author(s), email address for corresponding author/presenter.

3)    Body of the abstract with the following headings: Purpose, Methods, Results and Conclusions.  

4)   The submitted abstract must fit on the attached form and be no more than 300 words.

5)    Abstract should be written using calibri font and should be 11-point font.  Do not include tables, graphs, or illustrations in abstract.  Spell out all pharmaceutical acronyms and special symbols (e.g., < or >).  

6)    Include which poster category applies (should be based only on first author’s credentials)

·         Pharmacy Student Poster

·         Pharmacy Resident Poster

·         Pharmacy Practitioner Poster

7)    Include submission type

·         Descriptive report – describes new, improved, or innovative roles or services in pharmacy practice, or case report.

·         Evaluative study report – describes original research including clinical research, drug effects in humans, drug use evaluations, and evaluations of clinical pharmacy services


An example of a completed abstract is provided below.  You will be contacted to confirm acceptance of the poster upon review of the abstract. 


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