October 12-14, 2018
Brasstown Valley Resort
Young Harris, GA


7:45am- 8:40am

Title: How to Implement Andexanet Alfa

Bill Asbury

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist

Emory University Hospital


Title: Long acting glycopeptides in ED

Jimmy L Pruitt, III, PharmD

Grady Health System


9:45am – 10:00am


Title:  Oral emergency contraception: an efficacy and regulatory update


•      Explain the mechanism of action for available oral emergency contraception (EC) products as supported by current research.

•      Interpret available evidence regarding efficacy of the two dedicated oral EC products, levonorgestrel (LNG) and ulipristal acetate (UPA).

•      Explain the legal regulations surrounding patient access to oral LNG EC and UPA EC, and recommend appropriate EC for a patient.

 Rebecca H. Stone, PharmD


Lunch w/ exhibit

1:00pm –1:55pm

Title:  Geriatric Workshop: The Pharmacist in Geriatric Interdisciplinary Team


●         Define the interdisciplinary team (IDT) approach in geriatric patient care

●         Describe the roles of the geriatric interdisciplinary team (IDT) members

●         Identify clinical opportunity goals for the pharmacist on the geriatric interdisciplinary team (IDT)

●         Discuss potential challenges for implementing a geriatric interdisciplinary team (IDT) in the hospital setting

●         Demonstrate competency as The Geriatric Pharmacist in Interdisciplinary Team through practical case studies

Carrie C. Hamilton, Pharm.D.

Geriatric Clinical Pharmacist

Northside Hospital – Forsyth



2:15pm -3:10pm

Title: What happens after dayshift goes home?  Approaches to expanding clinical pharmacy services


1. Describe overnight clinical pharmacy services offered in an emergency department.

2. Identify clinical pharmacy services provided to high risk patients on evenings and weekends.

3. Develop a justification strategy for expanding clinical services beyond traditional hours. 

4. Discuss the justification and implementation of expanded clinical pharmacy services at member hospitals. 

 Paciullo, Chris; Gallagher, Jolie; Lindsay Schaack

 3:15pm – 4:15pm

Title: Complementary & alternative medicine in pediatric patients

Shirin Madzhidova

4:15pm – 6:30pm



SATURDAY 10/13   (5 HOURS)

8:00am – 8:55am   

Title: Professional Affairs: PAI initiative grant

Anne Misher

9:00am – 10:30am


10:30am – 11:25am

Title: Pharmacist Role in the Management of Gases and Fluids


  1. Interpret an arterial blood gas using a stepwise approach.

  2. List potential causes for each of the common acid-base disturbances.

  3. Define the phases of fluid management.

  4. Discuss the differences between commonly used crystalloids.

  5. Describe the five rights of medication administration as it relates to fluid stewardship.

Anthony Hawkins, PharmD

11:30am – 1:00pm  

Lunch, Business Meeting, Awards

1:00pm – 1:55pm

Title: How to Get Inside a Man’s Heart: An Pharmacotherapeutic Approach to Men’s Health and Cardiovascular Disease


  1. Evaluate current guidelines for testosterone replacement therapy and impact on cardiovascular risk.

  2. Review the relationship between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease.

  3. Discuss current guidelines for erectile dysfunction and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

  4. Determine the appropriate role of pharmacotherapy in men's health.

Kate W. O’Connor, PharmD, BCACP

Ambulatory Care Clinical Pharmacist

Internal Medicine Clinic

Augusta University Medical Center

 2:00pm – 2:55pm

Title: Direct Oral Anticoagulants in Special Populations


  1. Compare pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties among the direct oral anticoagulants

  2. Associate such properties and clinical trial data to recommendations for the following patient populations:

    1. Obesity

    2. Elderly

    3. End stage renal disease

    4. Hepatic impairment

    5. Cancer

 Joseph Schafer, PharmD

Cardiology Clinical Specialist

Department of Pharmacy

Augusta University Medical Center


Title: College-level Clinical Skills Competition (CSC)

Andrew Darley, PharmD, BCPS
Associate Director, Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences
UGA College of Pharmacy

7:00pm – 10:00pm

SEC Football and dinner


SUNDAY 10/14 (3.5 HOURS)

7:30am – 8:00am



New Drug Update 2018: A Formulary Approach

Rusty May, Pharm.D., FASHP

Clinical Professor

UGA College of Pharmacy


Title: Travel Vaccines


1.  Describe required and recommended vaccinations and prophylactic medication regimes for travel to Kenya.

2. Describe clinical logistics and diagnosis and treatment of common conditions.

3. Detail the diagnosis and treatment of malaria and relevance of clinical knowledge in the US.

Megan Baggett, PharmD

10:30am – 11:25am

Title: Flu treatment and guideline updates

Johnathan W. Hamrick
Clinical Assistant Professor

Mercer University

11:30am Adjourn