GSHP honors and recognizes it members annually by conducting an Awards and Recognition program.  A Call for Awards nominations is sent to members in early Spring.  Awards are presented at the GSHP Summer meeting in July.
To nominate a deserving practitioner, visit:

GSHP Awards

GSHP Pharmacist of the Year Award is the highest honor GSHP can bestow on any member and is presented to a Georgia health-system pharmacist to honor outstanding service and accomplishments in health-system pharmacy practice as well as participation in GSHP. All GSHP members are eligible for nomination. Nominations should include detailed information concerning the nominee's professional, civic, and other activities. Recipients of the GSHP Pharmacist of the Year Award serve on the Awards Committee for five years following receipt of the award.

25-Year Practitioner Awards

25-Year Practitioner Awards are presented to GSHP members who have actively practiced hospital or health-system pharmacy for 25 years or more. Members are encouraged to nominate peers. Also, they may also nominate themselves for this award unless they are a previous recipient.
Outstanding Pharmacy Practitioner Award
The Outstanding Pharmacy Practitioner Award is presented to a health-system pharmacist employed in a staff position. The award recognizes outstanding service to the profession in a non-administrative, non-managerial position.
Outstanding Residency Preceptor Award
The Outstanding Residency Preceptor Award is presented to a health-system pharmacy residency preceptor. The award recognizes residency preceptor for outstanding service to the profession by serving as a preceptor to pharmacy residents.
Outstanding Pharmacy Professional Representative Award
The Outstanding Pharmacy Professional Representative Award is presented to a representative of a pharmaceutical manufacturer or wholesaler who has made outstanding contributions to health-system pharmacy through service to, participation in, and involvement with GSHP and those practicing as health-system pharmacists.
Outstanding Health-System Pharmacy Technician Award
The Outstanding Health-System Pharmacy Technician Award recognizes a health-system pharmacy technician who has demonstrated practice excellence and leadership in the support of implementing pharmaceutical care.
Community Service Award
The Community Service Award is presented to a GSHP member for Outstanding service to his/her community. Services rendered are not limited to those as a pharmacist, but include any activities which enhance or improve the quality of life of the community.
Outstanding Pharmacy Intern/Extern Award
The Outstanding Pharmacy Intern/Extern Award recognizes excellence in our future pharmacists. Nominations may be presented by preceptors, educators, or any other GSHP member who has had direct contact with an intern or extern who has shown exemplary service in this role.
Outstanding Young Health-System Pharmacist Award
Nominees for the Outstanding Young Health-System Pharmacist Award are not limited by age, but by the length of time in the profession. Nominees should have graduated from a pharmacy school within the past five years. The recipient is chosen based on exemplary service and dedication to the field of health-system pharmacy in this time period.
Outstanding Hospital or Health-System Pharmacy Newsletter Award
Recipients are selected for the Outstanding Hospital or Health-System Pharmacy Newsletter Award based on submission and review of the three most recent editions of their newsletter. To be eligible for consideration, the newsletter must be hospital generated and not a purchased newsletter.
Best Paper Describing a New Pharmaceutical Care Service
The award for Best Paper Describing a New Pharmaceutical Care Service will be presented based on publications by GSHP members in the pharmaceutical literature. Selection of the recipient is made by the Awards Committee and is based on a review of pharmacy journals and other publications for the 12-month period beginning May 2015 through May 2016.
GSHP Pharmaco-economics Research Award
The GSHP Pharmaco-economics Research Award is designed to recognize a GSHP member who has performed a pharmacoeconomic analysis in a particular area of pharmacy practice and to encourage pharmacists to investigate and report the cost benefits of pharmaceutical care through the provision of cost effective pharmacy services. Members performing an analysis or investigation in an area related to the cost effectiveness, cost benefit, or cost utility of a particular medication therapy, type of patient care delivered by pharmacists or some aspect of pharmacy services are eligible.

  • GSHP Award Recipients
    Best Publication Describing Pharmacy Services
    1991 William E. Wade, Charles Y. McCall
    1992 Donna Carroll
    1994 Allison Warnock
    1995  Tonya Pearson
    1996  Randall Miyahara, Beth Barham, Kurt Ohberg, Allison Warnock
    1998 Christi Cawood
    2001  Marie Chisholm
    2006 Ray Maddox, Carolyn Williams
    2007 Burnis Breland
    2010 Ray Maddox, Rondell Jaggers
    2012 Tanea Chane, PharmD, and Manish Patel, Pharm.D.
    2013 Chris Bland
    2014 Manish Patel; Healther Seibert, Ray Maddox and Carolyn Williams
    2015 Michael Knauss
    2017 Manish Patel, Pharm.D., Saira Rab, Pharm.D
    2018 Deborah Hobbs, Pharm. D., Brooke Butler, Pharm. D., and Ria Mathew, Pharm. D and Matthew McAllister, PharmD. and Joshua Chestnutt, PharmD
  • Community Service Award
    1991 Mary Linda Cuddy
    1992 Anthony Czaplicki
    1993 Almeda Simpson
    1994 Rolando Morales
    1995   Guy Ellis
    1996   Michael Bloomfield
    1997   Nicholas Blanchard
    1998   Rodna Larson
    1999   Julie Hixson Wallace
    2001 Lih-Jen Wang
    2002 Jo Polhill
    2003 Karen Mulheron
    2004 Paul Carpenter
    2005 Patricia Knowles
    2006 Lynn Stevenson
    2007 Burnis Breland
    2008 David Killough
    2009 Ronald Barnes
    2010 Ray Maddox
    2011 Sonny Rader
    2013 Trina von Waldner
    2014 Christopher Holaway
    2015 Jody Rocker
    2016 Margaret Oates
    2017 Lindsey Jackson
    2018 Shawn Holaway
  • Honorary Membership
    1960   Clara Ross Greene
    1982   Lillian Turner Price
    1982   Evelyn Payne Peacock
    1987   Rheta E. Leverett Skolaut
  • Hospital Pharmacy Pioneer Award
    1965   Lillian Turner Price
    1972   Lillian Turner Price
    1991   Stonewall C. King, Jr.
  • Pharmacist of the Year
    1972   James T. Briscoe, Sr.
    1973   Barbara Levine
    1974   M. Earl Strickland
    1975   Durward M. Poland
    1976   S. Monte Kellam, Jr.
    1977   Mary Wallace Johnson
    1978   Sam Henley, Jr.
    1991   Ted R. Walker, Jr.
    1981  Whitney B. Pickett
    1982  Warren Schultz
    1983  Martha Cato
    1984  Frank Landrum
    1985  J. Michael Ellington
    1986  Robert E. Stephenson
    1987  Sarah Mullis
    1988  Earl Ward
    1989  J. Russell May
    1990  Burnis Breland
    1991  Fred Coleman
    1992  Lee Underwood
    1993  Robert Ordner
    1994  Steve Wilson
    1995  Victor Lampasona
    1996  Michael Hooks
    1997  Marjorie Shaw Phillips
    1998  Ray Maddox
    1999  Marie Wilkerson Jackson
    2000  Mitch Wood
    2001  Deborah Mangum
    2002  Burnis Breland
    2003  Ronald Barnes
    2004  Jan Mackey
    2005  Peggy Suddreth
    2006  Judy Gardner
    2007  Andrea Roberson
    2008  Cynthia Pangburn
    2009  Ken Jozefczyk
    2010  Don Davis
    2011 Chris Bridgers
    2012 Rondell Jaggers
    2013 Patricia Knowles
    2014 Sonny Rader
    2015 Megan Freeman
    2016 Steve Carlson
    2017 Mike Melroy
    2018 Leslie Jaggers
  • Outstanding Committee Chair Award
    1991   Victor Lampasona
    1992   Marjorie Phillips
    1993   Marjorie Phillips
    1995 Mike Gigandet
    1996 Mitch Wood
    1997  Pruett Roof
    1998  Sharon Murphy, Becky Hamilton
    1999  Linda Rocchi
    2000  Burnis Breland and Andrea Roberson
    2001  Terry Stein, Andrea Roberson
    2002  Burnis Breland
    2003  Lisa Boothby
    2004 Michelle McElhannon
    2005-Susan Mayhew
    2006 Chris Bridgers
    2007 Burnis Breland
    2008 Deborah Mangum, Lisa Lundquist
    2009 Burnis Breland, Andrea Roberson
    2010 Steve Carlson, Scott McCraney
    2011 Lisa Lundquist
    2012 Keri Anderson, Maura Hall
    2013 Trina von Waldner, Andi McKeever, Maura Hall, Keri Anderson
    2014 Chris Bridgers, Jennifer Sterner-Allison, Keri Anderson, Maura Hall
    2015 Rondell Jaggers, Christina Deremer, Dianne May
    2016 Sarah Murphy, Lisa Lundquist
    2017 Deborah Mangum, Davey Legendre, Dianne May, Christina Deremer
    2018 Melissa Frank, Amy Woodhouse, Sarah Murphy, Lisa Lundquist
  • Outstanding District Director
    1990   Rhonda Manos
    1991   Eddie Knowlton
    1992   Robert Ordner
    1994 Phyllis Parks-Veal
    1995 Thomas Campbell
    1996   Jan Kimbro
    1997   Dianne Williams
    1998   David Copelan
    1999   Charles Durant, Tina Whitehouse
    2000   Charles Durant
    2001  Christi Cawood, Carolyn Williams
    2002  Susan Mayhew
    2003  Don Tyson, Patricia Knowles
    2004 Chris Bridgers
    2005 Cynthia Pangburn, Eliza Hoernle, Leslie Jaggers
    2006 Melody Sheffield, Ken Josefczyk
    2007 Megan Freeman, Scott Savage
    2008 Tamara Trienski
    2009 Ken Jozefczyk, Benita Busch
    2010 Maura Hall
    2011 Trisha Branan, Remco Witteven
    2012 Michael Pedreira
    2013 Mike Melroy
    2014 Rochelle Schmidt
    2015 Becky Hudgins
    2016 Collin Lee
    2017 Kerri Anderson, Maria Thurston
    2018 Jody Rocker
  • Outstanding Pharmacy/Intern/Extern
    1990 Russell Manley
    1991   Vance Holdsclaw
    1992 David Copelan
    1993 Lora Hickman
    1994 Meredith Potochnic
    1995 Michael J. Melroy
    1996 Angelyn Woods
    1997  Marla Woods
    1998 Kristen Diane Hussey
    1999 Raina Gupton
    2000 Rebecca Cole
    2003  Natalie Jackson
    2004-Katie Adkins
    2005-Jennifer Arsenault
    2006-Brian Robinson
    2007- Adam Mills
    2008-Bill Trinh
    2009-Melinda Rowland
    2010 Soranarom Belle Kumsaitong
    2012 Nelvin Daniel
    2013 Lindsey Carter
    2014 Ibraham Abba
    2015 Christopher Pitts
    2016 Vincent Tran
    2017 William Justin Moore
    2018 Seth Garner
  • Oustanding Pharmacy Newsletter Award
    1991   Dekalb Medical Center
    1992   Central State Hospital
    1993 The Medical College of Georgia
    1995 Emory University
    1996 Egleston Children's Health Care System
    1997   Central State Hospital
    1998   Columbus Regional Health Care System
    1999   St. Joseph's Hospital Atlanta
    2000   Columbus Regional Healthcare System, Columbus
    2003  St. Joseph/Candler Health-System
    2004- Medical College of Georgia Health-System Drug Information Newsletter
    2005-Columbus Regional Medical Center
    2006-Columbus Regional Medical Center
    2007-Columbus Regional Medical Center
    2008-Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital
    2009-Gayco Healthcare
    2010 Medical Center of Central Georgia
    2012 Georgia Health Sciences Health System Pharmacy
    2013 Wellstar Kennestone Hospital Pharmacy
    2015 Wellstar Kennestone Hospital Pharmacy
    2017 Grady Health System
    2018 Drug Shortages-Augusta University
  • Outstanding Pharmacy Technician
    1994 Barbara White
    1995 Patricia Folds, Daniel Murchison
    1996 Vernon Blakely
    1997   Jane Cook
    1998   Lisa Foxworth
    1999   Myrtice Stephens
    2001  Bridgett Kendrick
    2003  Jan Parrish
    2004 Karen Moreland
    2005-Wendy Sidener
    2006-Glover Austin
    2007- Stephanie Dollar
    2008-Lisa Tippins
    2009-Jennifer McClain
    2010 Karen Davis
    2011 Brittany Corn, Catennia Foster
    2013 Purvi Patel
    2014 Robena Price
    2015 Leonard Carresse
    2017 Patricia Chavez
    2018 Adrienne Guy
  • Outstanding Pharmacy Practitioner Award
    1993   Marshall Dewell
    1994   Dianne Williams
    1995   James R. Johnson, Jr.
    1996   Debbie Nowlin
    1997   Christi Cawood
    1998   Robin Southwood
    1999   Leslie J. Vollenweider
    2000   Cecily DiPiro
    2001  Chris Bridgers
    2002  Beth Heape
    2003  David Brackett
    2004-Ann Rhodes, Jon Kennedy
    2005- Bill Brannen
    2006-Jan Kimbro
    2007- Patricia  Knowles
    2008-Susan Chu
    2009-Christina DeRemer
    2010 Matthew Clifton, Amy Knauss
    2011 Michael Knauss
    2012 David Deremer
    2013 Chris Paciullo
    2014 Jamie Crossman
    2015 Christina Deremer
    2016-Rosemary Cross
    2017 Bruce Jones
    2018 Megan Baggett, Sandra Quach
  • Outstanding Professional Representative Award
    1990 Mike Gigandet
    1991  John Thompson
    1992  W. Allen Davis
    1993 Chris Wilkerson
    1994 Pam Ausman
    1995 Harold Ball
    1996 Linda Rocchi
    1997   Jack Demyan
    1998   Terri Stein
    1999   Laura Carmody
    2000   Chuck Grillo
    2001  Deborah Fincher
    2002  Dion Wolter
    2003  Dan Peters, Andy Hughes
    2004 Deborah Fincher
    2005-Janis Katz, Austin Rumbley
    2006-Edress Darsey
    2007- Ed Miller, Randy Benson
    2008-Mollie Hatcher
    2009-Dick Caillouet, Sid Beasley
    2010 Nancy Mitchell
    2011 Lisa Rodenheiser
    2012 Sherry Rahn
    2013 Julie Hardie
    2014 Jim Cline, Mary Anne O'Connor
    2015 Julie Dinkins
    2016-Ellen Tighe
    2017 Ileana Monts de Oca
    2018 Elena Mangan
  • Outstanding Staff Pharmacist
    1990  Teresa Pounds
    1991  Billy Kittrell, James Turner
    1992  Lih-Jen Wang
  • Outstanding Young Health-System Pharmacist
    1990 Mary Shepherd
    1991   Kellee Lively
    1992 Joy Longley-Newby
    1993  Donna Carroll
    1994 Cathy Barbree
    1995  Thomas Campbell, Tonya Pearson
    1996  David Copelan
    1997  Deanie Whaley
    1998  Amanda Skipper Peacock
    1999  Dennis A. K. Rice
    2000  Lauren Schlesselman
    2001  Denise Daly
    2003  Wendy Bass
    2004-Lisa Boothby
    2005-Megan Freeman
    2006-Naadede Badger
    2007- Mandy Mock
    2008-Andrea Seery, Tabetha McAlwee
    2009-Trisha Branan, Kelcey Freeman
    2010 Heather Hugener
    2011 Nicole Metzger
    2012 Melissa Chesson, Pharm.D. ; Maria Thurston, Pharm.D.
    2013 Derek Polly, Saleha (Hina) Mehmood
    2014 Amber Clemmons
    2015 Micaela Carroll
    2016 Andrea Newsome, Anthony Hawkins
    2017 Andrew Darley
    2018 ToMy Dinh, Ryan Cole
  • Outstanding Residency Preceptor Award
    2012 Manish Patel, Pharm.D.
    2013 Stacey Folse
    2014 John Patka
    2015 Chris Paciullo
    2016 Jody Rocker
    2017 Anthony Hawkins, Pharm.D., Sarah White, Pharm.D.
    2018 Sherri Merritt
  • Service to the Society
    1979   Charles C. Gammill
    1991   Cindy Lewis, Marjorie Phillips, Ted Walker
    2005-Frank Landrum, Lee Underwood, Robert Ordner
    2006-Buddy Harden, Wayne Oliver
    2012 Sarah Mullis
    2013 Sonny Rader
    2015 Charles McDuffie
    2016 Steve Glass
  • Twenty Five Year Practitioners
    1991   Billy Gurr, Frank Landrum, Sarah Mullis, Patrick O'Brien, William Perkins
    1992   Marilyn White, Fred Coleman
    1994 Whitney Pickett, Robert Stephenson, Dorothy Williams, Robert Ordner, Almeda Simpson
    1995 Sylvia Danjell, Martha Cato, Charles McDuffie
    1996   Lee Underwood, David Guritz, Clyde Buchanan
    1997   Robert Brown
    2001  Patricia Gilley, Carolyn Williams, Reva Barge, Cindy Lewis, William Brannen, Christopher Buice, Ray Maddox
    2002  Celeste Furr, Janice Pack, Kline Berry, Richard Harpe, Charles Davis
    2003   Burnis Breland, Rhonda Campbell, Shirley Clark, Vic Doles, James Johnson, Lih-Jen Wang, Betty Heard, Diane Schellack
    2004-Suzanne Bagby, Sandy Johnson, Joyce Glisson, Bill Vang, Don Davis
    2005- Tiena Fletcher, James Turner, Vicki Arnold, Perry Vajda, Lynn Chestnut, Richard Conkle, Vic Doles, Wen Yen Wang, Terry Buchanan
    2006-Rusty May, Steve Glass, Deborah Mangum, Anita Westmoreland, Doug Landrum, Margaret Durden, Lillian Roberts, Jim Evans, Demetria Hendrix, Robert Rosella, Carla Wolfgang
    2007- Jerean Grau, Alfred McNair, Fred Calhoun, Mary Sparrow, Linda Stribling, Debra Boswell, Charlene McClanahan, Susan Whitworth, Linda Willoughby, Nancy Roberts, Betsy Sims, Pat O’Brien, Mark Morgenstern
    2008- Karen Blender, Pam Privette, Ron Barnes, Owen Smith, Tina Whitehouse, Susan Chu, Beth Houston, Lisa Loux, Jenny Mathis, Patricia Maxwell, Susan Macer, Robert Boggs, Cynthia Pangburn, Eliza Hoernle, Mary Shepherd, Florence Goodwyn, Mike Harbin,
    2009- Melody Sheffield, Marjorie Phillips, Dianne Williams, Tom Flynt, Dave Killough, Gene McGinty, Patricia Knowles, Evalan Eve
    2010 Ellen King
    2011 Cynthia Vickery, Don Hutcherson, William Lam, Amir Emamifar
    2012 Jan Kimbro, Roy Callaway
    2013 Dan Griffith, Cheryl Allen
    2014 Lance Tillett
    2016 Russell Shearer, Russell Edwin Blanchard, Jr., John Wesley Krulic, Kim Furlow, Paul Carpenter, Rae Lynn Benton, Wayne Evans, Sonny Rader
    2018 Rajesh Patel
  • Upjohn Research Award
    1990 Donald Pittman
    1991   Joy Langley-Newby
    1992   Ernest Keich
    1993   William Asbury
    1994   J. Tom Reeves
    1995   Burnis Breland
    2006-Jennifer Davis