The Georgia Society of Health-System Pharmacists annually recognizes members for outstanding service and achievements in pharmacy. Very likely, you know someone in GSHP who is deserving of recognition. Every member of GSHP is eligible to nominate or be nominated for one or more awards. Please fill out the nominations form on the next page to nominate yourself or someone you know for the awards listed below. Awards will be presented during the GSHP Annual Meeting to be held at the Omni Amelia Island Resort in Amelia Island, FL on July 12, 2019. Deadline for nominations is June 1, 2019.


Pharmacists of the Year Award


     GSHP Pharmacist of the Year Award is the highest honor GSHP can bestow on any member and is presented to a Georgia health-system pharmacist to honor outstanding service and accomplishments in health-system pharmacy practice as well as participation in GSHP. All GSHP members are eligible for nomination. Nominations should include detailed information concerning the nominee's professional, civic, and other activities. Recipients of the GSHP Pharmacist of the Year Award serve on the Awards Committee for five years following receipt of the award.


25-Year Practitioner Awards


     25-Year Practitioner Awards are presented to GSHP members who have actively practiced hospital or health-system pharmacy for 25 years or more. Members are encouraged to nominate peers. Also, they may also nominate themselves for this award unless they are a previous recipient.


Outstanding Pharmacy Practitioner Award


     The Outstanding Pharmacy Practitioner Award is presented to a health-system pharmacist employed in a staff position. The award recognizes outstanding service to the profession in a non-administrative, non-managerial position.


Outstanding Residency Preceptor Award


     The Outstanding Residency Preceptor Award is presented to a health-system pharmacy residency preceptor. The award recognizes residency preceptor for outstanding service to the profession by serving as a preceptor to pharmacy residents.


Outstanding Pharmacy Professional Representative Award


     The Outstanding Pharmacy Professional Representative Award is presented to a representative of a pharmaceutical manufacturer or wholesaler who has made outstanding contributions to health-system pharmacy through service to, participation in, and involvement with GSHP and those practicing as health-system pharmacists.


Outstanding Health-System Pharmacy Technician Award


     The Outstanding Health-System Pharmacy Technician Award recognizes a health-system pharmacy technician who has demonstrated practice excellence and leadership in the support of implementing pharmaceutical care.


Community Service Award


     The Community Service Award is presented to a GSHP member for Outstanding service to his/her community. Services rendered are not limited to those as a pharmacist, but include any activities which enhance or improve the quality of life of the community.









Outstanding Pharmacy Intern/Extern Award


     The Outstanding Pharmacy Intern/Extern Award recognizes excellence in our future pharmacists. Nominations may be presented by preceptors, educators, or any other GSHP member who has had direct contact with an intern or extern who has shown exemplary service in this role.



Outstanding Young Health-System Pharmacist Award


     Nominees for the Outstanding Young Health-System Pharmacist Award are not limited by age, but by the length of time in the profession. Nominees should have graduated from a pharmacy school within the past five years. The recipient is chosen based on exemplary service and dedication to the field of health-system pharmacy in this time period.


Outstanding Hospital or Health-System Pharmacy Newsletter Award


     Recipients are selected for the Outstanding Hospital or Health-System Pharmacy Newsletter Award based on submission and review of the three most recent editions of their newsletter. To be eligible for consideration, the newsletter must be hospital generated and not a purchased newsletter.


Best Paper Describing a New Pharmaceutical Care Service


     The award for Best Paper Describing a New Pharmaceutical Care Service will be presented based on publications by GSHP members in the pharmaceutical literature. Selection of the recipient is made by the Awards Committee and is based on a review of pharmacy journals and other publications for the 12-month period beginning May 2018 through May 2019.


GSHP Pharmaco-economics Research Award


     The GSHP Pharmaco-economics Research Award is designed to recognize a GSHP member who has performed a pharmacoeconomic analysis in a particular area of pharmacy practice and to encourage pharmacists to investigate and report the cost benefits of pharmaceutical care through the provision of cost effective pharmacy services. Members performing an analysis or investigation in an area related to the cost effectiveness, cost benefit, or cost utility of a particular medication therapy, type of patient care delivered by pharmacists or some aspect of pharmacy services are eligible.  


To nominate someone, go to www.gshp.org